Who is using TikTok for advocacy?

I just joined! If you’re on TikTok put your link below or follow me so I can see your videos!

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Love this! Who else is using TikTok? I made one, but can’t say I’ve really posted anything great as of yet.

If you’re using it- HOW are you using it??

i am new to tiktok, because I honestly just sit and laugh all day on it lol. But I would like to use it more for business and to bring awareness

I’m nominated for best in show on Tiktok! Love advocating for holistic lifestyle and food allergies wherever I can

hie!! i def am :two_hearts: Search me on tiktok @platinumfairy + @lilplatinumharley

I’m loving advocacy leaders on TikTok. I’m slowly putting some stuff on there my TikTok is @ameliablackwater

I do! @devrivelazquez is my handle on IG & tiktok.

I do! I didn’t know what to expect, as compared to other social media platforms, but my experiences have been great with advocating for diabetes, on TikTok!

I’ve hit 818,000 views on one of my diabetes awareness/educational videos!

If you live with diabetes and want to follow me, search @t1dchick lets connect!